It’s time to sell the car…

2003 BMW 325i “Touring”

121,000 miles / 198,000 km


This is a solid, well-maintained, great running car. I purchased it a year ago and am selling it due to PCS in September. The car passed inspection on [anticipate 6 July, will update when passed]. It is a great, comfortable Autobahn cruising car. The air conditioner works. The cruise control works. Ditto for the sunroof. The electronics work. It’s clean. It doesn’t leak oil. It’s a comfortable ride. It’s easily the most solid car I’ve ever owned; if it weren’t German specs I’d take it with me. It can do 220 kmh on the Autobahn…

This model BMW is known for oil leaks when either of two gaskets exceed 60,000 miles. I replaced both. The plastic radiator bottle is known to crack. I replaced it. The coolant is new. The car has new ball joints and bushings on new steering control arms. The steering is tight with no play. The new battery has been in the car since November. The brakes are just several months old with new rotors and pads front and rear. The brake fluid is new throughout. The most miserable and expensive to repair vacuum leak has been fixed properly. The expensive moving parts in the intake have been replaced. All metal intake parts have been removed and cleaned. I replaced the power steering pump and the two belts. What else? A new valve cover gasket and spark plugs. New filters.

You can probably find a similar looking car for less money. But, you will end up paying someone to do this work. The “typical issues” on this car will likely not be a problem for your entire tour**. That will make annual inspections and eventual resale easier.

* Yes, there is some negotiating room there. 2003 325i’s with the same mileage on the German mark are selling for about 5,000-5,500 Euro. USAG Wiesbaden is not the German market, hence the asking price.

**Many older BMWs fail inspection for oil leaks. These leaks are often “fixed” by pressure washing the engine and chassis the day before the inspection.

German mobile: 0176 58587403 (Please text instead of leaving a voice message if you don’t get me.) Email contact form below the pictures.