Aerobatic video

I BEGAN FLYING aerobatics in 2011 in gliders. Here’s a video of my most recent aerobatic training flight. Enjoy!

I did some training in England and in Germany. Eventually I passed the practical test to get a European aerobatic rating added to my European glider license (Ditto for my British Gliding Association license). Under European rules an aerobatic rating for one category of aircraft can be expanded to cover another by doing three training flights in the new aircraft. My German power flying privileges had expired, so I was able to combine renewal of something old with adding something new.

The Robin R2160 easily the most responsive airplane I have ever flown. This video is from my third lesson. All I see is the beginner mistakes, but I still hope you enjoy it. Why do some people think I’m crazy? Feedback is welcome.

I used multiple GoPro and Contour HD cameras for this. The rear cameras were mounted on a Delkin Fat Gecko mount specifically made for airplanes called a Co-Pilot. I bought one, cut in down to fit in a glider and liked it so much I bought another one for airplanes. The airplane’s intercom is connected to the microphone input of one of the cameras for good audio.

I have a variety of aerobatic books for airplanes and gliders. A popular airplane one is by Bill Kershner: Basic Aerobatics Manual. A great glider aerobatics book is the Handbook of Glider Aerobatics by Peter Mallinson and Mike Woollard.

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